Laura Harrier determined to improve racial diversity in film industry

Actress Laura Harrier felt "underrepresented" in film when she was growing up.

Laura Harrier is making it her mission to improve racial diversity in the film industry.

The BlacKkKlansman actress wants to front a romantic comedy and break the stereotype that films in the genre are typically developed for white actresses.

"I want to do romantic comedies and other films in which you don't see people who look like me; movies where you've never really seen people who don't look like Kate Hudson," she told Marie Claire U.K. magazine. "I don't know what people's thought process was when they believed that audiences couldn't connect to seeing people of colour fall in love."

In a separate interview with London's Evening Standard, the Spider-Man: Homecoming star, who is biracial, admitted that she felt "underrepresented" growing up because onscreen characters didn't look like her, so she's glad she's helping change that for others.

"I felt underrepresented as a person, as an audience member. It's been amazing to be part of that changing. So many people came up to me on the street after Spider-Man and said it was so encouraging to see a character with a family that looks like theirs," Laura shared.

"I find it crazy that people are surprised that films with black people in are doing well... People don't go to the movies or not because of black cast members, a good film is a good film."

However, the 29-year-old has noticed improvements during her short time in the film industry, such as increased diversity and stronger roles for women.

"Even since when I started a few years ago, the roles for women are more three-dimensional and fully rounded. I hope it's not just a trend, I'd like to be seen and heard and have a job in the future," she stated.

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