Rebel Wilson 'loved' viral reaction to divisive Cats movie trailer

The Australian actress plays Jennyanydots in Tom Hooper's film adaptation of the hit Broadway and West End musical.

Rebel Wilson loved the divided viewer reaction to the creepy new Cats trailer and has claimed those who criticised it were just "confused".

The trailer for Tom Hooper's film adaptation of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical dropped last month, and soon went viral on social media after it was revealed the stars of the movie - including Idris Elba, Judi Dench, and Taylor Swift - were covered in CGI fur to make them look more like felines.

While many fans were quick to point out that the upcoming film looked terrifying, many praised the British director for using futuristic technology to bring the beloved characters to life.

And Rebel, who plays Jennyanydots in Hooper's movie, enjoyed the huge polarising response that the Cats trailer received.

"There's some people who were like, 'Oh my God' because it is brand-new technology that's CGI. I think people get confused because it's essentially a dance movie in a lot of ways. So, it really is all our own bodies. And yes, they're covered in fur," the Australian actress told Cosmopolitan. "I think some people found it a bit creepy 'cause we're people but we look a bit like cats dancing around.

"I loved the reaction... What you got in that trailer was just some small samples of it, but it's going to be such a big movie."

The Pitch Perfect star was also pleased with how she and her co-stars looked as cats in the movie.

"To me, it looked like how I thought it would look. What's so brilliant about the movie is the dancing... It's incredible. I can't wait for people to see those big numbers on the big screen," the 39-year-old gushed.

Cats, which also stars James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, and Jason Derulo, is set to hit cinemas in December.

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