Naomi Watts jumped at chance to work with Octavia Spencer again in thriller Luce

Naomi Watts read the script right away when she heard Octavia Spencer was attached to the project.

Naomi Watts couldn't bear to miss her chance to team with Octavia Spencer again in new psychological thriller Luce.

The actress previously appeared alongside Oscar-winner Octavia in two films in the Divergent franchise, and she loved working with her so much, she was an immediate "yes" for director Julius Onah's new project, even before she read the script.

"In the summer two years ago, I got sent the script and I was told that Octavia was attached to it," Naomi recalled to Entertainment Weekly. "Already it was clear that it was going to be read by me by the end of the day, just because it was her.

"I had already worked with her before - on that Divergent (film) series - and I had such a great experience with her. And also the projects that she picks, it’s such an endorsement that comes with that. With her name attached, it made me read it right away, and the minute I started turning those pages, I felt like it was really rich, dynamic material. It really just got under my skin."

Naomi is convinced fans will be blown away by all the stand-out performances in the critically acclaimed new film, which also stars Tim Roth and newcomer Kelvin Harrison Jr.

"Kelvin is such a discovery in this movie," the actress gushed. "So much of it was about presentation, how he believes he needs to present himself. He had a tricky role, and if we couldn’t stick with him, the whole story doesn’t work.

"He had a really hard job, and he handled it in an impressive way. I was quite blown away by him."

Luce reaches theatres on Friday.

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