Glenn Close & Rachel Weisz hope their 2018 films lead to a run of female-heavy projects

The actresses' new films took a combined 34 years to get to the screen.

Glenn Close and Rachel Weisz are hoping their latest movie hits encourage Hollywood studio chiefs to fast track more films with women as central characters.

Close reveals her acclaimed new film The Wife took 14 years to get made, while Weisz's The Favourite spent two decades in the Tinseltown wilderness.

Both films have been successful and both Close and Weisz are hot tips for Oscar nominations, and both actresses feel their performances and their movies should prompt studio heads to start looking for projects centred upon women.

Close tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I've been a part of two films that took 14 years to make. The first one was Albert Nobbs (in 2011) and the second was The Wife.

"It was actually hard to find actors who wanted to be in a movie called The Wife. It’s two women writers. And, you know, starring a woman. No one wanted to (make it) and, most of the money, if not all the money, came from Europe."

Weisz adds, "The Favourite apparently took 20 years to make, because there is lesbianism and three females at the centre of it."

The Brit, who stars alongside Emma Stone and Olivia Colman in the period comedy, admits she finds it strange that films like hers are getting made as Hollywood's treatment of women is in the spotlight through the #MeToo movement.

"I have a real problem with the idea of 'strong women characters'," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Well, does that mean we have muscles or something? No one ever says that to a man.

"(I want) young girls growing up (to) see stories being told where a woman takes a central role. Where she is not peripheral to the story. She’s driving the story, and so, you as a kid can go, 'Oh, that’s me. I can identify'. It’s, like, a funny thing that (these films) are coming together as women have been speaking up about harassment."

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