Hugh Jackman was a fountain of knowledge on The Front Runner set

Jason Reitman found it thrilling to watch Hugh Jackman fully immerse himself into his new film.

Hugh Jackman knew so much about Gary Hart when filming The Front Runner that other departments were asking him questions about the politician.

The Australian star plays Gary in Jason Reitman’s new film, which recounts the time he was the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in the ‘80s before allegations of an extramarital affair hit the headlines.

Fans will get to see the Wolverine star in a new light playing the enigmatic politician and Jason says Hugh fully threw himself into the part.

“What was thrilling was to watch him go on this deep dive, with the amount of research he did,” Jason said to Collider. “He had notebooks and notebooks of research, to a point where other departments were going to Hugh for information about Gary Hart and getting video clips for the edit.

“(The Front Runner author) Matt Bai thinks that Hugh probably found out more information on Gary Hart than he did, even while writing the book. He knew speeches that weren’t in the film and he knew talking points that weren’t in the film. He could really go off-the-cuff, at any moment.”

Vera Farmiga, Alfred Molina and Jason’s frequent collaborator J.K. Simmons co-star.

Talking about his work with Oscar winner J.K., Juno director Jason explained why he keeps coming back for more.

“He’s just a brilliant f**king actor, and I’m the lucky guy who gets to work with him,” he stated. “Personally, I think in J.K.’s voice. I think I could probably give you his reaction to most things. In many ways, I think it’s his point of the view of the world that I really aspire to.”

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