Richard Madden: 'I don't get too hung up on James Bond casting rumours'

The actor has become a front-runner thanks in part to his hit British TV drama Bodyguard.

Former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden would love to play James Bond on the big screen, but he fears he's just the latest actor in a long line of possible 007s.

The 32-year-old actor, who has found success as the star of Britain's new hit TV drama Bodyguard, admits he's flattered to be on fans' wish lists, but he's not taking the Bond buzz all that seriously.

"This is what happens with all these shows, like Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager... Then there’s the next one. I’m the next one," he tells GQ.

"Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic. I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week... All of which is pretty hard to argue with. But still, I say, (it's) nice to be mentioned all the same... I’m more than flattered to be men­tioned, for people to consider putting me in that role.

"I'm very flattered and thankful. It’s a really brilliant thing to be in."

If he's offered the role as fellow Brit Daniel Craig's replacement, Madden admits he'll jump at the chance, but he doesn't want to curse the possibilities: "I don’t want to curse anything by saying anything. I think that’s the curse of that. If you talk about it, you’ll curse it."

Madden is one of many stars who have been named as possible Bonds - as well as Hiddleston, they include Idris Elba, Sam Heughan, who recently revealed he once auditioned to play 007.

The Outlander star said, "I did audition for Bond a long time ago when they were redoing it with Daniel Craig, when he was Bond 21. They were going to go younger with him and it was a pretty good experience."

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