Sofia Boutella not ready for leading lady roles

Sofia Boutella is enjoying soaking up everything she can learn in Hollywood.

Sofia Boutella is resisting become a leading lady.

Algerian-French actress Sofia had a mammoth 2017, starring in big budgets flicks The Mummy and Atomic Blonde.

Over her five years in Hollywood she starred alongside some of the leading names in acting, and for now, she’s happy to keep landing supporting roles.

“My agent wants me to try for some lead roles,” Sofia told GQ America. “I say no.

“I love the experiences I’m having with amazing actors. The more you learn, the more you realise how much more you have to learn. But I love the position I’m in right now. I’m at school. That’s how I feel in this profession: I’m in kindergarten.”

Next up, Sofia will appear alongside Jeff Goldblum and Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis and, after that, is the TV movie Fahrenheit 451, based on Ray Bradbury’s book, with Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan.

Prior to making it in Hollywood, Sofia enjoyed success as a dancer. It was while she was touring with Madonna that she realised she wanted to pursue an acting career, despite not having any new jobs lined up.

“I emailed M (Madonna) ‘I don’t think I’m going to go on tour anymore.’” she recalled. “She knew I’d been acting. (She) said, ‘Do you have jobs? A movie?’ ‘No, I have nothing.’ ‘What if you don’t work for the next eight months?’– which is the length of the tour. I said, ‘Even if it takes two years, I know I have to do it.’”

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