Rose Byrne: ‘Actresses need to have drive’

Rose Byrne likes to do theatre as well as film and TV to shake her career up.

Rose Byrne credits her drive for helping her become a successful actress.

The Australian star has made her mark in Hollywood with comedies like Bridesmaids and Bad Neighbours, while also showing off her serious side in hit TV series Damages.

When it comes to her career Rose has plenty of ambition - a trait she says is vital for actresses.

“I have drive, for sure. You have to,” she told America’s InStyle. “It’s a tough business; there are a lot of actresses and not a lot of great roles. I don’t want to complain because I’m so grateful.

“A healthy amount,” she added when asked how competitive she is. “I have four siblings. It was competitive just eating dinner, like, ‘Everyone, get what you want from the chicken’. Plus competing for your parents’ attention.”

As well as her screen career, Rose also likes to grace the stage. The 37-year-old, who’s starred opposite the likes of Heath Ledger, Michael Fassbender and Eva Mendes over the years, admits she likes to mix things up when it comes to her work projects.

“Scripts are important (when prioritising work), but I really decide based on the directors.” she explained. “I also like to shake it up, which is why I did a Broadway show (You Can’t Take It with You) and Speed-the-Plow in Australia. They were the best choices I’ve made in the last five years. Theatre is such a different discipline - it’s so rigorous; it’s hard but also really rewarding.”

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