Jodie Foster honoured to work with Julia Roberts

The actress/director plans to continue her work as a filmmaker instead of continuing to build her acting resume.

Jodie Foster was convinced Julia Roberts would never sign on for a part in her new directorial project, Money Monster.

The former child actress stepped behind the camera for the new crime thriller, which reunites Ocean's Eleven co-stars George Clooney and Julia on the big screen, but Jodie admits she only sent the script to the Pretty Woman stunner as a long-shot.

"We never thought she'd say yes, so we sent it to her saying, 'We'll just get a quick no, and that'll be that'," Jodie explained on U.S. breakfast show Today, "and she said yes and she's amazing in the movie. They both are incredible, fantastic together; (it's) an interesting dynamic that they have."

The film follows George as smart-talking Wall Street guru-turned-TV host Lee Gates, who is taken hostage on air after one of his stock tips fails to pan out. Julia portrays his show producer.

One scene features George showing off some outrageous dance moves, and Jodie reveals the idea for the sequence came from the actor himself - and he didn't disappoint.

"He's the one who came up with the dance idea," she recalled to the Toronto Sun. "I was like, 'If you want to dance, we're going to set you up.' It was the very first thing we shot in the movie. He really went for it. I was so happy that he allowed his inner white-boy funk to just come out and make a complete a** of himself, which he loves to do."

Jodie does not appear onscreen in the film and she insists she had "no desire" to tackle Julia's role as Patty Fenn.

"I don't need to act and direct - that's not something I love doing," she told the Canadian newspaper. "I prefer to do just one or the other."

And the 53-year-old is planning to remain in the director's chair for the foreseeable future.

"It's a big commitment...," she explained on Today. "I'm really ready now to focus more on that (directing) than anything else. Obviously I'll always act, but directing is really where my heart is."

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